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The Foxhall Blackpool


Blackpool may owe its early reputation for healing the sick in mind and body to the priests who took refuge in the isolated building of ‘the Foxhall’ in the 17th century. The original building was far from grand. It was a long, low three-gabled residence which resembled a farmhouse. Its three storeys each had 4-5 rooms with low ceilings. The ground floor also included a private chapel. There was a small lead tower on top of the house (Blackpool's first tower?) gained from within by a staircase and the thick walls contained many hiding places (priest's holes) and secret passages. Over the years this house turned into a hotel and public house. Many spirits over the years have been seen that have ranged from priests, smugglers and aristocracy.

Frenchman's Cove Blackpool


Frenchman's Cove is in the South King Street premises which once housed Duckworth's Tobacco warehouse. Reports from owner Billy Johnson have included that workmen building in the cellar have thought that someone or something have been watching them. Billy got sent an article and photograph from the time the warehouse was built, this revealed that the ghost in question came from Scarborough and was called Laura Schoons. To this day late at night staff still feel that someone or something is watching them.

Bircham Newton


Wartime RAF base now owned by CITB construction college near King's Lynn, Norfolk

Many ghosts are said to exist at Bircham Newton. They vary in their origins, but most tend to date from the period spanning World War II, up to the date of the RAF base closure in 1962.

There are various stories told, but one of the most famous is that of the Squash Courts at the RAF base.

It is said that a bomber crashed on the landing strip at Bircham Newton, killing three of its crew members. These three men often return to the Squash Courts at the old base to play their favourite sport. The sound of a ball echoing in the completely empty building an be heard and one man dressed in an Officers uniform has also been sighted.

Another haunting stems from the story of the drunk driver. It is believed that during World War II a car full of drunken pilots crashed into a larger plane hanger, killing the both the driver and his passengers. It is said that the ghosts of these men, who died during the war, but far from in action, still roam the base today.

Other strange occurrences have been reported by people driving along the main road through Bircham Newton. The general experience occurs midway through the base, where it is said when driving, a load echoing can be heard beneath the road for a second or two. It is thought that this is when cars pass over a supposed underground tunnel used by the airmen during raids on the base itself.

Other supernatural sightings have occurred in the old RAF housing located opposite the now construction college on Hyde Close. Figures disappearing up stairs and the feeling of being observed just some of the many.

Another documentation of supernatural activity at Bircham Newton is the story of what occurred when a group of Japanese TV workers were filming a documentary at the old air base.

The team seemed to find plenty of evidence to entertain the Japanese audience.

A door mysteriously slammed and there was apparently something very unnatural about the atmosphere during a filming sequence at the CITB’s squash courts, perhaps something to do with the bomber crew, or alternatively the crew of a twin-engined Hudson. These planes used to fly over the North Sea carrying wooden lifeboats to be dropped to ditched RAF personnel. One flight ended in tragedy in 1940, when a plane carrying three pilots crashed. All were friends and apparently enjoyed playing squash. Not only are these three man suspected of haunting the squash courts, but also the girl friend of one of the men who was a WRAF officer, and hand been sneaked on board to enjoy the flight with her lover.

The Japanese TV company not only noted a slamming door when there was no breeze, but also court a womans voice on tape and took a photograph of an image which appears to be a man cuddling a woman. Other evidence collected includes a recording of the sounds of a squash game on an empty court and a photograph appearing to show a pilot officer’s arm and shoulder.

Bank Tube Station London


Over many years, recent and past there have been many reports of a foul unexplained smells and feelings of sadness, concern and hopelessness by many workers and travellers

No-one can explain this, but it is suspected that it may be related to the fact that this was once the burial place of thousands of plague victims in the 17th Century.

Arundel Castle Norfolk


Arundel Castle has been the home for the Dukes of Norfolk since the Norman Conquest. It was severely damaged by fire in the seventeenth century but has now been restored to its former glory and is the home to many ghosts and spirits.

There are said to be at least four ghosts at Arundel Castle, one of them being a young boy. This child is thought to have worked in the kitchens about 200 years ago, where it is believed, his master frequently beat him. Due to this, the boy died young and his ghost has been seen one many occasions since, cleaning pots and pans and scurrying around the kitchen.

The ghost of a young woman has also been seen. She is said to be dressed in white has been seen wandering round Hiorne's Tower, particularly on moonlit nights. Is is believed that she committed suicide by throwing herself off the tower due to the loss of her lover.

Another spirit has also been spotted in the library and has become known as the 'Blue Man'. On several occasions he has been seen searching through books and is thought to have been a resident at the castle during the reign of King Charles II.

The fourth and final ghost is that of a small white bird which flutters around the windows of the castle. It has been seen on many occasions, all of which have been followed by the sudden death of a resident of the castle. It is therefore believed to indicate the imminent death of someone connected to the castle.

Ghost Sighting Buffalo NY USA


Paranormal investigators Cassidy O'Conner and Michael Rambacher were called out to Buffalo, NY, January 13, to assist with a possible case of demonic possession being studied by the Western New York Ghost Hunters.

The home in question was a lower apartment in a double rented house. A woman named Lisa occupied the downstairs apartment, along with her two dogs and a cat. She is single, and spends a lot of time with her girlfriends in a social bent while on her pursuit for Mr. Right. She was not a very spiritual woman until she moved into the apartment.

Her upstairs neighbor, Joanne, another single woman, was a very spiritually oriented person.

Joanne would come down stairs to see Lisa and talk of her conversations with the other side. Lisa was fascinated, but did her best to stay away from that line of thinking.  Joanne would tell of seeing many spirits in Lisa’s apartment. Lisa dismissed her upstairs neighbor’s tales of presences in her living space, until she stopped sleeping at night, and experienced moving objects.

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Scarey ghost Skirvin Hotel Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Thunder might just have a sixth man at the Skirvin Hotel.

According to the New York Daily News, members of the New York Knicks basketball team said they couldn't sleep at the historic downtown hotel because they believe it is haunted.

Oklahoma City defeated New York 106-88.

Eddie Curry told the Daily News that he slept for only two hours Sunday night because he could not get the possibility of ghosts at the hotel out of his mind.

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celebrity ghost sighting Heath Ledger


 Heath Ledger’s  ex-fiance Michelle Williams, says she has seen him twice since his death last January. The actress – who actually had split from the actor in September 2007 revealed all on the set of new movie ‘Shutter Island’.
Michelle says she has seen Heath’s ghost twice, and admits she was “scared half to death” during the first haunting.
She claims she was awoken in the night by a series of eerie bumps, and realised furniture in her bedroom was being moved around.
According to National Enquirer magazine, she caught a glance of a shadowy figure, which she maintains was Heath. Although 28-year-old Michelle was initially unsure whether she had imagined the visitation, she became convinced she had seen his ghost when it happened again. The story gioes that the second time the apparition was much more vivid. She realised it was Heath when he spoke and apologised for not being able to help raise Matilda, the couple’s three-year-old daughter. SPOOKY